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Here at Sleek Bathroom Renovations in Sydney, we guarantee that we can renovate your bathroom to the highest standards and at the most competitive prices.

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Our expert team will work with you at every stage of the renovation process to build a bathroom that reflects your design choices and lifestyle needs. Using only licensed tradespeople that meet the highest standards, we have extensive experience in completing projects to client satisfaction. Along with our guaranteed quality workmanship, we partner with providers of the highest quality fittings and finishes to ensure that you get the bathroom of your dreams in a seamless and successful bathroom renovation project.

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The team at Sleek Bathroom Renovations kept us informed throughout and were on time and working to get our bathroom finished. The quality of the finishes and their commitment to get the renovation completed in a timely manner was nothing short of outstanding. Highly recommended for any bathroom project.
Phile and Jane


If you are considering a bathroom renovation, it is usually because you want to enjoy the amenity of a new bathroom, or you wish to add value to your property. Your decision will usually depend on the age and utility of your existing bathroom and whether the cost is offset by an increase in the value of your home. Of all the renovations that you can make to your home, work in bathroom and kitchen areas tends to show the highest return when increasing a home’s value. Aside from this, there are lifestyle considerations where you need to ask yourself how much your quality of life would improve by having access to a modern functional bathroom and how much you are prepared to pay for that.

The cost of a bathroom renovation will depend on the size of the bathroom and the scope of work to be performed. This can depend on whether major changes are being made to the bathroom (requiring layout and plumbing changes) and the quality of finishes and fixtures that you choose. In general terms, a basic bathroom renovation will cost between $15,000 and $25,000, a standard renovation between $25,000 and $35,000 while an extensive or luxury renovation will be significantly more. It’s always good practice to speak with several bathroom renovation companies and ask them for a quote to get an idea of the costs involved in your proposed renovation.

This will depend on the amount of work involved in the renovation project including factors such as:

  • The size of the bathroom
  • How much demolition is involved (whether walls and windows are to be moved)
  • Whether existing plumbing will be used
  • The availability of desired fittings and finishes
  • Whether tradespeople are available as required
  • Any unforeseen events.

Keeping in mind the above, an average bathroom renovation generally lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. Remember, however, that there are things that can impact this timeframe such as when custom shower screens are used that cannot be installed until the remainder of the bathroom work is completed. An experienced bathroom renovation company will be able to give you a reasonably accurate timeframe based on the amount of work involved, the availability of tradespeople, and the fittings and fixtures you choose.

In NSW, updating your bathroom is generally regarded as an internal renovation, so in most cases you will not require council approval for your bathroom renovation. If, however, the work involves changing walls, doors, or windows or requires structural changes to the home, you should check with the council to see whether approval is needed. Changes to plumbing may also require council consent if you are increasing the number of sanitary fittings or making major changes to the bathroom – such as adding a new tiled shower. If in doubt, check with your bathroom renovation company and then the council to ensure there are no issues.

Bathrooms (and kitchens) are among the most important areas of a home for prospective homebuyers when they are deciding on purchasing a home. They tend to be a focus for home buyers and renovating these areas usually increases a home’s value by between 5% and 10%. It’s important not to over-invest in a bathroom renovation, however, as the return achieved can be impacted by the cost of the renovation and the value of fittings and finishes that have been used.

In general terms, it is estimated that about 60% of bathroom renovation costs are immediately recouped if your home is put up for sale. Having a modern bathroom also adds to your quality of life whose value only you and your family can quantify.

There are many bathroom renovation companies in Sydney and it can be difficult to choose one that will build your dream bathroom at a reasonable price. To help make your decision do the following when choosing between bathroom renovation companies:

  • Do Some Research
    The internet makes it easy to assess and compare different companies’ offerings, look at the projects they have completed, and assess the quality of their work. While price is important, you should keep in mind the level of finish or luxury you want in your bathroom and set your price expectations accordingly. Try to balance the service you want with the pricing the company offers and avoid companies whose prices are too good to be true.

    Checking comments and ratings online from previous customers is another good way to assess the quality of a bathroom renovation company’s services. You should aim to read a wide range of comments, both good and bad, to get an accurate idea of how a company has performed in the past and look at other customers who have had both positive and negative experiences.


  • Ask Previous Customers
    Once you have a shortlist of candidates, ask each if they can provide contact details of previous customers so that you can conduct a more detailed assessment of a bathroom renovation company’s services. Speaking with past customers will allow you to get a good insight into the company’s renovation process and will highlight issues and challenges you may not have considered as well as enabling you to compare the service promised with what was delivered.


  • Get an Itemised Quote
    You should always ask for an itemised quote for your bathroom renovation project that includes a detailed breakdown of prices for all materials and work that will be performed by the company. This allows you to more accurately compare pricing between different bathroom renovation companies (because you can see the costs for each part of the renovation process) and should include the following:
  • Brands and pricing for fixtures and fittings
  • How much required tradespeople cost
  • Costs and warranties for waterproofing
  • Cost of demolition and removal of the existing bathroom
  • How long the work will last including the start and finish dates (and whether this is guaranteed)
  • Whether the quote is a fixed price that is not subject to change during the renovation process
  • Whether the company provides guarantees of quality for materials and workmanship


  • Ensure a Company can Achieve Your Design
    There are many bathroom renovation companies out there ranging from those that compete on price to those offering a high-end luxury service where cost is not an issue. You need to discuss your ideas for your bathroom makeover with prospective bathroom renovation companies to see whether they can achieve the bathroom design that you want.

    A professional company will be able to suggest techniques for achieving your design as well as explain why certain choices may be impractical. During this phase, you can assess whether they have realised similar designs for other customers and whether they support your design decisions and are confident of achieving the results you want. A bathroom renovation is an important (and sometimes emotional) investment decision. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the company you select and that they understand what you want to achieve whilst also being open about the bathroom renovation process and the challenges you may face.


  • Ask for Details of the Renovation Process
    A bathroom renovation company should be able to set out an efficient and proven renovation process. Renovating a bathroom can result in significant inconvenience and it’s important to know what’s happening and when so that you can prepare for any adjustments you need to make during the renovation. A renovation will run smoothly when a company can set out its entire renovation process from start to finish. It should demonstrate a logical flow for the project (which takes into account the dependencies between work tasks) and include specific milestones in the renovation process, how they will be achieved and the impacts each will have. Having defined milestones allows you to ask questions and assess the work being done during the bathroom renovation and ensures you are satisfied with the work that has been done before moving to the next stage.

    Having details of the renovation process, including the design of the new bathroom, demolition of the existing bathroom, changes to and installation of plumbing, and installing cabinets and fixtures means you have a clear sense of how the renovation will proceed. It enables you to order finishes on time, know when tradespeople will complete different tasks, and ensure you can check the quality of the work throughout the process. It also means you can check whether work is being performed promptly and to the agreed standard.


  • Ask About Their Tradespeople
    Bathroom renovation companies often have in-house tradespeople they use or subcontract to preferred suppliers. You should always check that the company only uses licensed and qualified tradespeople to perform their work. A successful bathroom renovation company should be able to show you the previous work of their tradespeople and the level of quality that they provide on a reasonable schedule. Good tradespeople will be experienced, have a good track record of previous projects, and will be aware of the challenges that can arise in a bathroom renovation. Careful assessment of the tradespeople that will be used for your bathroom renovation will increase the likelihood that your new bathroom will be built to your desired quality and standard.


  • Ask About Guarantees
    Most bathroom renovation companies will offer guarantees for parts of the renovation process such as waterproofing and statutory warranties on labour as well as for materials and finishes. Ask about these as well as whether the company offers an overall satisfaction guarantee when the renovation is complete.


The team at Sleek Bathroom Renovations in Sydney has the experience, design flair, and tradespeople that will give you the bathroom you desire at the most competitive price. We are dedicated to delivering your bathroom renovation project on time while meeting and exceeding your design and specifications. We promise you a stress-free renovation process during which we keep you informed from start to finish and ensure that you are completely satisfied at each stage through to completion.

Our goal is to help improve your life through quality bathroom renovations that are as practical and functional as they are beautiful and elegant. From minor upgrades to complete bathroom transformations, our team will realise your design goals, source the best quality materials and finishes, and install them to the highest standards of workmanship to give you a bathroom that is above and beyond your expectations.